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Information about current Tenure-track professorships


Faculty of Environmental and Regional Sciences and Education

Institute of Human Movement Science, Sport and Health

Tenure Track Professor of Movement Science and Biomechanics

Currently: preparation of the employment contract and qualification agreement

Institute of Educational Sciences

Tenure Track Professorship for Adaptive Teaching and Learning Systems in a Higher Education Context

24.06.2022: hearing/assessment centre


Faculty of Arts and Humanities

Institute of Romance Studies

Tenure Track Professor of Technology-enhanced Learning and Foreign Language Didactics (with a focus on Romance Languages)

07.07.2022: hearing/assessment centre 07.07.-08.07.2022


Faculty of Natural Sciences

Institute of Physics

Tenure Track Professor of nonperturbative Hadron/-Flavorphysics

29.04.2022: information provided to the applicants ranked in the appointment proposal

Institute of Mathematics and Scientific Computing

Tenure Track Professor of Algebraic Structures and Geometry

20.06.2022: meeting of the selection committee: examination of the application documents

Institute of Biology

Tenure Track Professor of Cell Biology of Plants

Currently: examination of the application documents

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